glass window with some soap being cleaned with a wiper


Does S&V Window Cleaning and Services include cleaning screens and tracks?

A: Yes, we always include screens and tracks when we clean your windows. We always open all of the windows, clean the tracks and around the frames. We deep clean all screens with a good scrub with a 14in. washer with soap and water.

Does S&V Window Cleaning and Services do mid-rise or high rise buildings?

A: We can do buildings up to 10 stories high, give or take. We are well trained with operating boom lifts and suspend from a building using ropes and a bosun’s chair.

Is S&V Window Cleaning and Services seasonal or year-round?

A: Smith Window Cleaning is year-round.

Does S&V Window Cleaning and Services offer discounts if I get my windows cleaning, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly?

A: Yes, we provide discounts for using our services multiple times a year.

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